Financial Cards

non-proprietary technology

Get the newest EMV or smart chip cards that you need today
without the hassle of being trapped in outdated technology,
burdened by features you don't want, or stuck with
deliveries you didn't order.
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Issuer Processing

Modern Solutions

We left legacy systems where they belong. Our processing platform is
built on next generation software and hardware technologies.
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Card Systems

Instant & Central Issuance

The latest technology in desktop and floor-standing modular
systems for either on-site instant issuance or the centralized
mass production of cards with mail delivery, and more...
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Issuer Processing

Adaptable Solutions

A modern platform that facilitates the adaptability you've been looking
for in a processing platform.
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Free Consulting

professional services

Get the help you want for the solutions you need with our dedicated
team of professionals. From concept through planning to delivery, we
can help you implement the perfect card program, and more...
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Issuer Processing

Progressive Solutions

Stay competitive as digital payment technologies continue to evolve.
Leverage our services to tap into the latest payment capabilities.
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Gilded Color Edge

Low cost from 1 to 100k cards

Get the newest EMV chip cards with a colored edge
without the hassle of being strapped with a large order
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We are a full service solution provider in the identity & financial industries

What We Offer

  • Financial EMV Cards
    Financial institutions are always looking for ways to differentiate the look of their Visa and MasterCard branded debit and credit cards, but...
  • Card Issuance Systems
    Depending on the size of your financial institution, your membership reach, and the level of card service you offer to your clients,...
  • Professional Services
    At Multicard FSG, we offer responsive professional services to every customer, whatever their size or level of need. We have decades of...

Custom Card Designer

Click here to create a free account and start designing your financial institution's own custom credit, debit or ATM card design online today! Then you can submit your new design to get a free quote for volume production and delivery. Our Custom Card Designer makes it easy for you to create your own layouts, submit your own background images and logos, and choose the chip technology that works best for your card program.