Professional Services

At Multicard FSG, we offer responsive professional services to every customer, whatever their size or level of need. We have decades of experience satisfying our banking clients' needs from pre-sales consultation to on-site installation, from customer training to ongoing maintenance.

We understand that to meet your needs we have to be available & ready to answer tough questions, offer reliable solutions & provide personalized support.

A service contract from Multicard FSG offers total support from beginning to end. We offer support services from maintenance to complete professional services with factory-trained and certified technicians so you never need to worry about your system. We have over 300 years of collective experience in the identification and financial industries, with product specialists and system engineers trained to help you develop the most efficient and effective solutions for your specific needs.

On-site Installation

We offer complete on-site product and system installation for hardware, software and integrated components. We will unpack and setup individual components and then handle all integration services for connecting to your databases, software and other applications as needed. We will also do a thorough test of the complete system to make sure that everything is up and running properly.

On-site Training

In addition to setting up and testing your solution to verify that it is working correctly, we also offer on-site training programs to help your staff quickly get up to speed on the new solutions, but also help them learn to run them efficiently. This includes teaching them how to do simple on-site maintenance, like cleaning printers, to daily usability issues, like swapping supplies, understanding error messages, and ordering new media. We will instruct your personnel on preventative maintenance, and cover the basics on proper hardware and software uses.

Personalized Support

Our technical support includes both telephone and email support for most typical issues resulting from user error, installation problems or faulty equipment, but also includes optional on-site maintenance when the situation dictates it as the most efficient solution or when a maintenance agreement applies. Our phone support is always free to existing customers, and we will do everything we can to get your system up and running properly again.

Free Consultation

Though every solutions dealer offers free pre-sales consultation, Multicard FSG also offers post-sales professional services to create even greater value for our customers. This includes new product demonstrations, custom card design assistance, custom database design, as well as workflow and ROI analysis. Talk to us about creating a smooth transition to EMV, upgrading your current systems, or integrating other solutions. Our people are experts in their various fields and we are here to assist your organization however we can.

Identification, Access Control & Crisis Communication

In addition to financial cards and issuance systems, and their related maintenance and training needs, Multicard FSG also offers photo identification, access control, video surveillance, visitor management and crisis communication solutions, to help keep the personnel and property at your local branch, regional office or corporate headquarters safe, sound and secure. View our related hardware and software products, or ask us today about our integration services.

Contact our sales team today with any questions you may have about our professional services and which one is best for your needs and requirements.

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