what we do

From banking card technologies to card issuance systems, access control systems, identification systems, and more, Multicard FSG has the best solutions for your financial institution. With careful planning and insightful consultation, we can assist your bank or credit union with the tools it needs to successfully implement and issue secure credit, debit and ATM cards, as well as internal security sytems for your headquarters, branches and regional offices. Contact us today to learn more about all that we can provide to your organization, or check out some of our featured solutions below.

  • Financial EMV Cards
    Financial institutions are always looking for ways to differentiate the look of their Visa and MasterCard branded debit and credit cards, but having card stock on hand and ready to use at your convenience can be a continuing challenge. Multicard FSG offers the assistance you need to make the right...
  • Card Issuance Systems
    Depending on the size of your financial institution, your membership reach, and the level of card service you offer to your clients, Multicard FSG offers both onsite instant issuance and centralized card issuance solutions for traditional magnetic strip, smart chip, and EMV banking cards. We supply industry-leading solutions for the...
  • Professional Services
    At Multicard FSG, we offer responsive professional services to every customer, whatever their size or level of need. We have decades of experience satisfying our banking clients' needs from pre-sales consultation to on-site installation, from customer training to ongoing maintenance. We understand that to meet your needs we have to...
  • Identification Systems
    Multicard FSG offers a variety of hardware and software solutions to meet your organization's ID management needs. Whether you need a standalone visitor solution, turnkey identification systems, or a fully integrated employee badge and access control system, Multicard FSG can provide you with everything from individual components to complete enterprise-wide...
  • Access Control Solutions
    Multicard FSG understands that bank security isn’t just about protecting your assets from threats. Keeping staff and customers safe is also essential, and access control solutions need to provide sufficient management and reporting. Protecting your clients information and assets as well is important in our current culture, as threats both...
  • Full Service Issuer Processing
    The payments industry continues to evolve at a head spinning pace leaving many wondering how to keep up with so much change. To stay competitive in today’s digital world, it is more important than ever to have the tools and resources to innovate quickly and cost effectively. That’s why we...