Identification Systems

Multicard FSG offers a variety of hardware and software solutions to meet your organization's ID management needs. Whether you need a standalone visitor solution, turnkey identification systems, or a fully integrated employee badge and access control system, Multicard FSG can provide you with everything from individual components to complete enterprise-wide solutions.

We offer solutions that can work independently or combined together to fulfill your exact requirements.

BadgePass™ Solutions


BadgePass is an Integrated Security Suite that will revolutionize the way you think of secure identity! It provides for a single point of enrollment, badge issuance and identity management across multiple applications. The provided synchronization tools and powerful event notification service allow for real-time or scheduled messaging and cross-platform communication, creating a world where one identity works with many applications.

Best of all, its modular design allows for easy integration and expandability in one centralized location. Enhance your security program by simply adding BadgePass modules as your identification needs evolve.


Controlling the flow of people into and out of a building can be a daunting task for any organization. Many times organizations will relax security policies to provide an easier management interface, in turn creating serious security risks to the organization.

BadgePass Access Control simplifies the process of managing access while creating a more secure workflow. The BadgePass Secure Identity Platform provides real-time messaging and cross-platform communication thereby eliminating the need to manage and maintain a separate access control database. With BadgePass Access Control, secure credentials are issued and facility access is controlled in one easy to use, integrated process.


Visitors pose the greatest security threat to organizations. In many cases, visitors are allowed to freely walk the halls unchallenged. Without strong identification policies for visitors, employees are often hesitant to question and unidentified person, creating serious security risks to the organization.

The BadgePass Secure Identity Platform provides real-time messaging and cross-platform communication thereby eliminating the need to manage and maintain a separate visitor database. With BadgePass Visitor Manager, visitors are identified, logged and badges are created with a simple three-step process.


Keeping an eye on your facility is no easy task. BadgePass Video Surveillance brings you the latest in IP camera technology to ensure that no event goes unnoticed. With BadgePass, unlimited users can view live and recorded video simultaneously from multiple locations in a single display. Best of all, you don't even have to be onsite to do it - access video via the server, web browser or smart phone!

BadgePass Video Surveillance is designed to be simple and intuitive - it requires little to no end-user training. From easy-to-navigate facility maps to straight forward file sharing and exporting, BadgePass has it covered. With support for over 300 camera models from 30 manufacturers, monitoring your facility has never been easier.

Have questions about our identification systems or need help find the solution right for your organization? Please contact us today.

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