Card Issuance Systems

Depending on the size of your financial institution, your membership reach, and the level of card service you offer to your clients, Multicard FSG offers both onsite instant issuance and centralized card issuance solutions for traditional magnetic strip, smart chip, and EMV banking cards.

We supply industry-leading solutions for the creation of personalized banking cards that enhance customer loyalty & increase revenue streams.


Instant Issuance

Give your banking customers the convenience, service and security they deserve and demand while increasing branch profitability with the onsite instant issue of Visa or MasterCard branded debit, credit and ATM cards. Your branch team members can confidently print and personalize permanent plastic cards and your cardholders can gratefully leave directly from the branch with their new cards in hand. You can create your own card designs or choose from a dynamic gallery of images already approved for use by associations. Card information and data are both secure and fully encrypted, and EMV chip cards are fully integrated and ready for production. Credential production reports are available to you online 24/7/365 with our innovative approach to instant issue using Software as a Service (SaaS) and our instant card issuance solutions are quick and easy to deploy for maximum impact with your cardholders.

There are a myriad of reasons that financial institutions of every shape and size are implementing instant issue solutions in all their branches. Operational savings are just the tip of the iceberg to lowering the costs of putting secure credentials in the hands of your customers. Savings are also made by reducing the fulfillment and eliminating the mailing costs of cards while alleviating security risks during delivery. The card is placed directly in the user's hands while they are in the local branch. Cardholders also feel greater value from your service and increased loyalty to your institution by having their needs handled quickly and securely.


Card portfolio performance also improves
when you instantly issue your cards.
    instant issuance
When in-branch cards are created, nearly 100% are activated on the network, and when you hand your cardholder an active card, they are much more likely to begin using it immediately, instantly driving up revenue streams through increased transaction fees and cardholder satisfaction. More importantly, the customer experience is enhanced, by placing a fully activated card in your consumers hand while in the branch is key to building on the financial institutions reputation of delivering the products desired by the customer.

EMV has been a daunting challenge to all financial institutions. Including EMV in your in-branch solution should be easy. Since all the fiscal inter-connectivity decisions around EMV have already been settled globally, activating the chip during the instant issue process will be no more complicated than previously encoding a magnetic stripe on the card. Once you understand the benefits of EMV issuance, the next step is how to implement it in your organization. With our solutions, card printers are shipped directly to the branch where only a power source and internet connection are needed to install the unit. Our local technicians can be onsite to aid in the installation and provide training to all the appropriate team members. Instantly issuing personalized credit, debit and ATM cards has never been easier or more secure. Let us help you get started today.

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Central Issuance

Get a complete card-to-envelope solution for your high-volume card issuance needs with individual card personalization and mail delivery systems. A centralized card issuance system from Multicard FSG can be conveniently configured with the personalization and card delivery options to meet your financial institution’s specific requirements. With our central financial card issuance solutions, you can personalize up to 600 cards per hour and reduce the risk of fraud and theft with several physical and logical security features, and EMV cards are fully activated and ready for use. Take back control of your financial institution's credit, debit and ATM card issuance with an economical central card issuance system from Multicard FSG that takes it to the next level of efficiency and convenience for a minimal capital investment.


Produce dynamic, highly personalized Visa
or MasterCard branded financial cards with
superior speed & improved up-time.
central issuance
Our financial central issuance solutions offer the unique combination of low cost-per-card personalization and proven quality, in addition to production process reliability and overall ease of use. Because the system is available in several fixed configurations, including EMV smart card capabilities, you can choose the exact system that meet your financial institution's specific needs for your evolving card program. With superior productivity and security built into the system, you will be able to print and encode plastic cards securely while reducing the risk of fraud and theft. Key technologies available in the central issue system include: physical and logical security, system controller software, magnetic stripe encoding, secure smart card personalization, monochrome and full-color graphics printing, top coating and lamination, plus industry-standard indenting, embossing, tipping, and label affixing. Onsite implementation, setup and training are an important feature of any complete system, and we offer regularly scheduled maintenance and on-call service to provide peace of mind so you can focus on meeting the needs of your growing customer card base.

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Contact our sales team today with any questions you may have about our various card issuance systems and which one is best for your needs and requirements.

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