Multicard FSG offers over-the-counter and integrated software solutions for financial and identification card issuance, as well as personnel, asset and incident management, with products ranging from banking cards to simple employee badges to integrated access control cards to government compliant security credentials to mobile issuance systems for first responders.

The right software solution can make issuance of financial & identification cards almost effortless while still very secure.

Contact our sales team today with any questions you may have about our financial and identification software solutions, and learn which options might be best for your specific needs and card requirements.

Photo ID Software

Multicard FSG offers a wide variety of software solutions for the issuance of employee and access cards, as well as visitor identification solutions. Contact our sales team today to learn more about these and other available ID software solutions.

Datacard ID Centre™ Gold

This identification software package is the ideal choice for today's most sophisticated ID programs. Separate packages for design and production, combined with smart card capabilities, create one of the most powerful and complete ID program solutions available. This modular platform enables you to maintain total control over all the cards, reports and forms in your program.

Datacard ID Centre™ Silver

The modular platform of this identification software lets you configure the ideal solution for your ID card program. Separate packages for card design and card production give you the choice to combine elements of these capabilities at a central location or manage them separately from different workstations. Either way, you control a powerful blend of components for creating ID cards, reports and production forms.

Datacard ID Centre™ Bronze

This identification software package includes everything you need to create and maintain a start-up ID program. This easy-to-use package offers intuitive, versatile tools for designing ID cards and reports, as well as flexible capabilities for card creation, image handling, database creation and program administration. IDCentre Bronze identification software offers a smooth migration path to the Silver and Gold editions, so you can take advantage of more advance features at any time.

Crisis Communication

The following software/hardware combinations are also available from Multicard FSG for emergency management of crisis situations at corporate or branch locations. Contact our sales team to discuss additional options for first responder solutions for the financial industry.

interTRAX® Emergency Management Suite

interTRAX for Emergency Management offers the tools needed for resource management and inter-agency interoperability. Emergency managers are responsible for the deployment of responders and resources to the site. At the same time you must track those leaving the scene, including evacuees and patients. You need to control access to the site, handling both pre-credentialed responders and individuals who need access but have yet to be credentialed. You need a way to interact with agencies using FIPS201/FRAC cards. All of this activity and data requires monitoring off-scene, and needs to be shared with others including federal and state agencies, hospitals, and public health. The interTRAX Suite for Emergency Management is a complete solution offering total resource visibility. The interTRAX suite works for identifying and managing on-site fire and medical personnel, as well as tracking healthy and injured civilians for evacuee management. It also has modules for validating smart cards used by government agencies, including TWIC, PIV and other HSPD-12 initiative credentials.

Mobile Badging Unit

The Mobile Badging Unit is a turn-key solution packaged as a compact, self contained workstation that manages people and assets at any location using Mobile Solutions software. The Mobile Unit is designed to be quickly transported to any location and set up with little to no preparation. Just lift the lid, power up and you're ready to go! This workstation is a complete solution used to track personnel and assets, issue credentials and manage information onsite at any location. The durable, watertight casing can house a command workstation, badging system, cable management, mobile tracking devices and badging supplies and protects the equipment from atmospheric hazards. The Mobile Badging Unit comes in standard or mini-size command case.

Emergency Event Manager

The Emergency Event Manager Solution (EEMS) is a written database software platform designed to help you manage personnel at emergency scenes quickly and securely. This software allows departments large and small to easily and affordably share information on a local, regional, state or national level across all departments and can backup data with a simple one-click process. Personnel are able to run reports and manage personnel and assets on-site while viewing information either in real-time or while offline. Real time data can be shared remotely through web access between the command center located at the scene and the EOC. EEMS is flexible and can be tailored to meet specific needs based on different department requirements. EEMS allows for interoperability with other departments to ensure that you have the resources necessary to respond to your event.