EMV & Smart Cards

Whether you need to personalize debit, credit or ATM cards for your banking customers, or issue basic photo ID badges for branch employees, or create integrated multi-level access control cards for your regional or corporate offices, Multicard FSG can deliver the right cards solution for your specific need. We even provide EMV-certified cards for both instant and central issuance of credit and debit cards for banks, credit unions and retailers, and contact/contactless smart cards for identification, physical and logical access.

The experts at Multicard FSG understand current card technologies for all industry uses & can help you create the perfect card solution for your needs.

Contact our team for a quote on solutions for generic or custom cards, for either on-site or central issuance. You can also use our free Custom Card Designer, after creating a personalized login, to develop your own custom card solution for a free and fast quote. For larger card volumes, we can help you setup a delivery schedule to your individual branches in volumes that match each of your facility's needs.

Contact our sales team today with any questions you may have about our EMV and smart card options and which might be best for your needs and requirements.

Financial Cards

Multicard FSG is committed to helping you find the right solution to fit your needs while respecting your budget constraints. Our experts will help you select the appropriate technologies, proper level of memory, amount of applications, and the security features you need to keep your banking customers secure and happy.

Whether its Visa, MasterCard, or your own proprietary card program, Multicard Financial Systems Group is the payment card provider that utilizes the latest technology to design, create, and print payment cards quickly and efficiently. Our partners have made substantial capital investments in manufacturing plants with world-class facilities and have implemented patent-pending front-end color matching systems and state-of-the-art printing technologies. With our “just-in-time” card delivery mentality, Multicard FSG can provide you with finished products in less than 2 week from proof approval, allowing you to minimize your on-hand inventory levels and react to market conditions quickly.

EMV Cards

The U.S. market has announced readiness to implement EMV chip technology in place of magnetic stripes on bank cards. EMV chip technology helps to reduce card fraud in a card-present environment; provides interoperability with global issuers; and enables safer and smarter transactions. In 2013, mandates to support EMV were established, with liability shifts for managing fraud risk in a face-to-face environment changed in 2015. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your client's bank card solution to EMV, and we can help you with both the planning and implementation.

Multicard FSG can help you with you through the life cycle of your bank card program with:

  • Consultation
  • Project Management
  • EMV Chip Card Design
  • Secure Fulfillment Facilities
  • Order Processing
  • Scheduled Deliveries


MOCA™ Access Cards

We offer MOCA™ (Multi-application Open Card Architecture) cards, that provide maximum flexibility for organizations with multiple card application needs. Below are some of the advantages of our MOCA™ cards:

  • Smart Cards: More secure, more powerful than proximity (prox) cards
  • Multiple Applications: Access control, payment, logical security, biometric security, time and attendance tracking, parking, etc.
  • Open Architecture: Open application sectors can be used for any standard MIFARE™ application available. Applications can be written to the card at any time during the issuance process or after.
  • Lower Cost: May be up to 50% less than other cards; including prox cards
  • Higher Security: Strong security for confidential chip sectors
  • Sales & Technical Support: Multicard FSG professionals can assist through the entire process.
  • CardTrax: Guaranteed unique card numbers for your organization
  • XACTT: Automated card transition from HID prox to MOCA™
  • Obsolesce Protection: Single application prox cards are a dissipating technology

Most importantly, Multicard FSG offers the ability to integrate MOCA™ during your ID issuance process with single point of enrollment and localized card issuance. Read from secure sectors. Unlock secure sectors and write to card. No multiple enrollment processes! Our smart cards work with our ID systems to connect directly to your database of choice.

Proximity Cards

If standard prox cards still meet your present needs, Multicard FSG also offers some of the best prices on the highest quality proximity cards in the industry for your identification, physical and logical access needs. Our proximity cards provide an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective option for your new or existing access control system. We offer universal compatibility with current popular brands, making integration an easy process. Our prox cards feature 125 kHz LF technology, with a blank, white gloss surface for reliable, high-quality output, and full ISO compliance.

Options Include:

  • Clamshell Credentials
  • ISO PVC Credentials
  • ISO Composite Credentials
  • Key Fobs
  • PVC Disks