what we offer

Multicard FSG offers a large selection of products for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, directly related to their card applications for customers or to security concerns for their employees, facilities and information. Below are some of our key product categories, but contact us with any questions you may have regarding these or other solutions your organization might need.

EMV & Smart Cards

emv smart card products

Multicard FSG provides a variety of smart card plastics and card technologies for the most demanding requirements.


Card Issuance

card issuance products

Multicard FSG offers only the most dependable and flexible card issuance systems for fast, secure issuance.


Issuance Platforms

issuance platform products

Multicard FSG is proud to offer the QRails payment processing platform for scalable, secure issuer processing.



software products

Multicard FSG delivers integrated and stand-alone software solutions for banks, credit unions, and more.


Access Control

access control products

Multicard FSG offers its clients all of the access control tools they need to secure their facilities and information.