who we  are

Multicard FSG

Founded in 1999 as RockWest Technology Group, Multicard FSG serves the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Wyoming and Nebraska as a full service solutions provider in the identity management and financial issuance industries. We offer customized, integrated solutions for financial card issuance, visitor management, employee identification, university OneCard systems, emergency management, access control and more.

We are experts in the credential management and financial card system industries.

Multicard FSG provides banks and credit unions with total piece of mind by helping them through the process of planning card issuance programs, finding the right card technologies and issuance systems, and partnering with them to keep their banking clients happy with beautiful, durable personalized debit, credit and ATM cards.

why choose us


Emergency Card Program
We will provide emergency card supplies to your branch or central location as needed within 5 to 10 business days, not in months like other vendors.


Scheduled Volume Deliveries
We can provide your organization with regularly scheduled monthly supply deliveries directly to your individual branches as their volume needs dictate.


Chip Platform Independence
We offer solutions for proprietary-free smart card platforms that give your organization the freedom you need to control your own card programs.


Onsite Service Programs
We assist with onsite installation and offer onsite preventive maintenance programs that can be scheduled annually, quarterly or monthly as needed.


Secure Shredding Service
We can securely shred ribbons, foil, cards, laminate and more onsite and leave the shredded material with you for proper disposal or incineration.


Instant & Central Issuance
We offer onsite and cloud instant issuance solutions of personalized cards, as well as central issuance solutions for high volume production, or both.